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Mainstream TV news covers Manhunt 2


OK, so it's not a big surprise that Manhunt 2 looks to be falling pretty flat with the gaming community. But remember, there's still all that expectation of controversy that the mainstream media has been gearing up for! This evening, both ABC and CBS news had segments on Manhunt 2. We seem to have missed the CBS one, but we did catch the ABC segment. We'd love to share the package with you, but the networks are quite behind the times and we can't seem to find the segments anywhere on their sites yet (and we're even less sure to find embeddable code). If it finds its way to YouTube, we'll be sure to post it. (Update: Still no code, but here's CBS' segment.)'s news section actually does have a quick rundown of video game ratings and terminology on their site for the utterly uninitiated. CBS took a different approach, however, as features Katie Couric's Notebook. "What sets this video game apart is that the player can become physically involved in the acts of violence," Couric says. "Rather than just pushing buttons, the player actually wields a knife, an ax, a glass shard -- to stab an opponent."

Ummm, no. Don't know who writes the copy over there at that ratings powerhouse, but that's just plain wrong. Although the PS2 version would be about pushing buttons -- unless CBS has discovered some new feature -- we're currently unaware of the Wiimote's ability to shape-shift into any of those items described allowing a player to "stab an opponent." Couric then says that research shows violent games cause children to accept violence as an every day part of life. Ironically, a kid with average intelligence should be able to figure that out by watching the first segment of Katie's news broadcast every weekday evening.

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