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Rockers report Guitar Hero III Dolby Pro Logic II is missing


Wii owners likely heralded the coming of Guitar Hero III as a momentous event that demanded calendars be marked off and days away from work be cleared with bosses, where spiked leather bracelets were removed from hidden drawers and proudly displayed on wrists. It is likely a time when turning the volume up to 10 isn't enough. But, many might have found that the experience has been tainted by the lack of Dolby Pro Logic II.

News first burst on the scene thanks to users over at the official forums for Guitar Hero, where the title's lack of compatibility with Dolby Pro Logic II was reported by several Wii owners. The official response from tech support has been "We are looking in to right now. The time frame is still unknown at the moment we are still looking in to the problem."

Any of you out there experiencing the same issues? Care to chime in on any other issues with the game?

[Thanks, Langst!]

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