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Hollywood studios voice Blu-ray, PS3 support

Nick Doerr

It seems that the movie industry is getting tired of the next-gen format war. Or the now-gen format war. Whatever you want to call it, the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD has gone on too long, according to multiple studios. Besides this, backers of Blu-ray have a lot to say about PS3 and their upcoming plans to support the Blu-ray format, including a long overdue update allowing to audio and video tracks to run at the same time. Let's listen in.

20th Century Fox's VP Steve Feldstein spoke highly of both Blu-ray and PS3, saying "PS3 is an incredible gaming platform that just happens to be a really great Blu-ray player, too ... Interestingly, there is a lot of crossover between the early adopter, the PlayStation 3 purchaser and the products that are being released early in Blu-ray's life cycle. A lot of the more male-oriented titles that we're releasing, the sales numbers indicate they're being played on PS3s."

Lionsgate Home Entertainment VP Ron Schwartz added his two cents as well. "I think PS3 is going to be a gift people are going to be giving this Christmas ... The great thing about PS3 is that it's a multipurpose media device that can play in the living room without the purchase of any additional components."

Even Gordon Ho of Walt Disney Studios put the studio's support squarely in the Blu. "High definition on PS3 is really pretty simple ... If you're going to hook up your PS3, take advantage of the movie capabilities." He also said that movie studios need to take the initiative to really educate consumers about Blu-ray and the PS3's ability to play them excellently. We're glad to see more studio heads coming out and voicing support. Not that the HD DVD exclusive studios wouldn't say the exact opposite, but at least there are clear voices on both sides of the fence.

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