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Kane and Lynch arriving one week early

Justin McElroy

November 2007 is a rough month. No, not for you, dear gamer. For you it is a never-ending bounty of games, a Studio 54-esque bacchanal of electronic entertainment. (Until you run out of money.) But it's a tough time for publishers looking to find a little elbow room for their games.

Take Kane and Lynch: Dead Men for example. GameSpot reports that the action duo has just made the jump from the Nov. 20 release spot it was sharing with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Rock Band and Mass Effect to Nov. 14. Unfortunately, it's leapt headlong onto the same calendar spot as Assassin's Creed, Crysis, BlackSite: Area 51, Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, among others. It's a shame, really, that all these games have to fight for the spotlight. If only there weren't laws against releasing games before mid-November!

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