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Rumor: The Darkness 2 is already in development [Update]

Nick Doerr

[Update: since the source of this claim is shaky at best, we're moving this from the 'rumor' category to the 'nonsense' category, that is, we don't think it's a viable source to even alert the public to. Sorry for any excitement, but until we get a better source, consider this news self-debunked.]

While the source of our knowledge for this bit of news may be a site titled "Xbox 360 Only" we know that The Darkness was on the PS3, so we'd expect the sequel to also make it to our sexy monolith. It seems that a rap or some kind of podcast lured Starbreeze out to admit that The Darkness 2 is already in production and will hit late 2008 or early 2009. That's a pretty short development cycle for a sequel, so we hope that there are additions and tweaks instead of simply more of the same. Well, take it with a grain of salt, but we didn't expect this franchise to just have a single game anyway.

[via Xbox360 Only]

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