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EVE Fan Fest is here

Amarr and Minmatar come together at the top of the world for what CCP touts as a "party like no other." For those of you not familiar with EVE Online, this means that the 2007 Fan Fest has started in CCP's hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland. And from the sounds of it, this one is going to be a lot of fun!

While I didn't have the clams to travel to the Fan Fest this year (and you know, busy with this really massive new site that y'all should check out) I have to admit, it looks like something I would totally get into. The Fan Fest boasts lots of great events for Gallente and Caldari alike to get together over a glass of Quafe and get either their battle or their business on. The event hosts a huge PvP tournament, round-table discussions, panels, and what looks to be a seriously kickin' dancefloor in a new venue.

For those of curious, you can find all the details here. And to all of you going, be sure to have some Quafe for me, eh?

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