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FIDO announces 3G service and pricing, civilized world points and laughs


FIDO kicked off its 3G services today (even though it's been about for a bit) if you happen to have an HSDPA set kicking around. With the LG TU500 leading FIDO's charge into 3G-dom -- incidentally, this is the twin to the first 3G set ever sold in North America, back in 2006 -- they're off to a fairly sad start. Services being rolled out include XM Radio services, Mobile TV, Video on Demand, Video Calling, and of course web surfing on the HSDPA network it came into when purchased by Rogers Wireless. Of course, the fun seems to end the moment you want to actually use the service as rates are pinned at $10 a month for 12 MB data and a penny for every kilobyte in overages. To put that in perspective, a 250 MB month would cost you 'round about $2500 for the data services alone. Thanks, but no thanks, FIDO.

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