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Sadness delayed again, vaporware suspicions refuse to go away


NIBRIS' Sadness tweaked our interest from the get-go, but we'd be lying if we said the ... uncertain path of its development so far didn't concern us. Since it was announced, one publisher has jumped ship, the game has been delayed on more than one occasion, and we've been dripfed information and media (none of which hints at there being any real content) at a painfully slow pace.

As we see it, NIBRIS has either been monumentally unlucky, work on the game has ground to an ignominious halt for the time being, or Sadness -- gulp -- doesn't actually exist.

Things aren't about to get any rosier, either. In an email received by a NeoGAF poster, NIBRIS revealed that Sadness wouldn't be on shop shelves before 2009 (let us not forget the game was once slated for a Q4 2007 release), and that its website would be updated soon with more news. Call us cynical curmudgeons all you like, but holding your breath for said update probably isn't a good idea in this case.

It's a tremendous shame, really, as we want Sadness to be the real deal, and we want it to be fantastic. The premise, design and concepts we've heard so far all hint at a promising, unique project. Needless to say, if NIBRIS does manage to pack as much intrigue into Sadness as we've seen during its development, we'll be perched on the very edge of our seats come release day.

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