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Simple Wii: THE Surprisingly neat-looking shooter


D3 Publisher released some screenshots of the next two entries in their Simple Wii series, Simple Wii Vol.3 THE Party Casino and Vol. 4 THE Shooting Action. Both games use the same set of Mii-like characters, which we think are adorable. We're particularly interested in THE Shooting Action, because it appears to be a competitive shooter!

Using four different kinds of weapons, up to four players can shoot at each other in spaceships. Given the appearance of targeting reticles on the screen, we're guessing that aiming is done with the Wiimote pointer. And ... it's online. Suddenly, we're very interested in this game. If it's the same kind of space dueling found in Star Control, but with four players and online play? We'd gladly pay a budget price for that.

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