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Waiting for Warhammer Online? Keep waiting

William Dobson

Warhammer Alliance have gotten their hands on the October State of the Game for Warhammer Online, and it contains some news that you may have suspected, but didn't want to believe would come true. Yes, the game has been pushed back, and is now expected in the second quarter of 2008.

Okay, so that's really not too bad if we're being honest. If EA Mythic want to take a little extra time to make sure that the game lives up to people's enormous expectations, then that's fine with us. Mark Jacobs, VP and general manager of EA Mythic, said that they could either release the game with fewer than planned features, or push back the release and complete development to their satisfaction.

There's also confirmation in the State of the Game that the beta will be reinstated in December, with new content for testers to experience. They are hoping to introduce more people to the test too, so if you haven't signed up yet -- go now!

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