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Cinemassively: BloodSpell

Moo Money

Here at Massively, we take movie clips and Machinima very seriously. That's why we're introducing Cinemassively, your daily dose of video goodness. It's fitting that our launch today would be complemented by an equally massive Machinima; BloodSpell.

Filmed in Neverwinter Nights, this feature-length epic tale follows the story of a young monk, Jered, who is trained to hunt the Blooded, or people whose blood has been infected with magic. When he realizes he has magic coursing through his veins, he must flee from the Church of the Angels. As he is pursued by his brethren, he is taken on an adventure with plenty of action and even a hot chick or two!

The director of this film, Hugh Hancock, must have been created by putting Joss "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Whedon and Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson in a blender. Hugh is one of the pioneers of Machinima, and his experience really shows. His script is by turns funny, intense and sometimes moving, the cinematography and direction is excellent. He has created a Machinima feature film that's involving and entertaining compared to other feature films in the cinema, not just Machinima.

Check the full movie (you may need a Divx plugin installed) after the jump, or go download it over on the website.

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