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EVE Online Mac and Linux game clients to be released on November 6th

Matt Warner

They're here... new clients at long last, well almost... There is word from Erlendur S. Thorsteinsson, Software Director at CCP Games, that the upcoming Revelations 2.3 patch will contain formal support for Mac OS X and Linux. The new patch will also include a few other minor fixes for those left in the dark ages with the Windows XP client. The new clients use Cedega, but this version has better functionality since it will be directly integrated into the game for Linux and Transgaming's Cider portability engine for the Mac client. I pity da-foo with no EVE Online client.

The twenty or so players waiting for the official Mac client can breathe a sigh-of-relief and start gloating about how shiny EVE Online will play on their Macs, and how it's an infinitely better playing experience because EVE is running on a Mac. Sweet, I can't wait.

Earlier today, I attempted to play EVE Online on my brother's MacBook Pro via CrossOver and the results led me to punish my G4 tower, a sad carcass languishing in a corner left to serve only one function -- my kicking post. I was taunted and shunned away thanks to some duplicate trial account error when attempting to get my capsuleer on. Three trial accounts later and junk gmail accounts added to the fodder; one activated EVE account; some tissue boxes; I threw-up my arms in disgust. After some soul-searching, I found that I wasn't the only one suffering with this problem and no one had posted a solution. This news makes it all happy fun-times again. I'm going to go hug it out with my dead G4 now. The full post deets after the jump:

[via: Linux Games]

This update, Revelations 2.3, contains formal support for Mac OS X and Linux. It also includes a few fixes for all platforms. Stay tuned for the release notes.

The next expansion, EVE Online: Revelations III (codename "Kali 3"), was renamed to EVE Online: Trinity because we had to postpone factional warfare due to lack of time and resources.

So Trinity is Revelations III, not including factional warfare, but with drone improvements, heat improvements, EVE Voice improvements, tons of bug fixes, a new graphics engine and new art content.

Please note that Trinity (the expansion) contains Trinity v2 (the graphics engine; v2 not II). This renaming was never going to cause any problems... ugh

(It's not been decided what the expansion containing factional warfare will be called. The codename is currently "Kali 4", it might be called Revelations III, Revelations IV or something completely different.)

Erlendur S. Thorsteinsson
Software Director
EVE Online, CCP Games

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