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Listen to the WoW Insider show live tomorrow on WoW Radio

Mike Schramm

Yes, tomorrow is Saturday again, which means it'll be time to dial up WoW Radio, and listen in live to the WoW Insider Show. I'll be back on the show after a short two-week hiatus, and along with me will be Ryan Carter from WoW Insider (and DIY Life, if you're into that kind of thing), and while I'm not 100% sure we'll have Turpster from WoW Radio, both you and I would really enjoy it if we did, so he'll probably be there too.

On the docket, I've got discussion about how to rake in the cash, all the different gear up for the Arenas in season 3, and how awesome it'll be to see some better items for lowbies and twinks. And since a few kids in China downed Illidan, we'll probably talk about that, too, as well as anything else that comes to mind from the past week in WoW. Just because we've been working so hard on it, you'll probably hear a story or two from behind the scenes of our new site Massively, but this is a WoW podcast, so any talk about that will be over before you know it.

So join us, please, tomorrow at 3:30pm EST over at WoW Radio (and on IRC at's #wowradio channel) for an hour of what some call "the best WoW podcast on the Internet." OK, only my mom calls it that, but trust me, listen in tomorrow and it'll be a fun time. See you then!

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