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Pet food with stats is coming in 2.3!

Eric Vice

Hot on the heels of the announcement that 2.3 has been pushed to the Blizzard Downloader, I found this lovely post from the highly-esteemed tradeskill priestess Kaliope about a pet food recipe she is playing with on the PTR that will go live with 2.3.

Ironically I was just reminiscing the other day of the summoned pet gear items that mages are able to summon for pets in the original Everquest and wondered why no pet-specific items existed in World of Warcraft. (The degree of accuracy with which Blizzard continues to read my mind on occasion is startling!)

The recipe for Kibler's Bits, which is obtained from the daily cooking quests from The Rokk in Lower City, makes pet food that offers twenty strength and spirit for thirty minutes. I would be somewhat amused if this food had an amusing debuff if eaten by a player.

Buzzard Meat. Is there anything it can't do?

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