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24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 17

Mike Schramm

Are you guys still here? Oh right, you are, because it's now our second day here on Massively, and yet our 24 hours of Tabula Rasa contests roll on.

Did you know that Tabula Rasa isn't just a game? Oh no, it's a whole thesis (Latin: Blank Slate), and it means that humans are born with no innate knowledge, and that everything we know and think, we receive from the world we grow up in. Heavy. Also, it's the title of a great Lost episode (the one with the first Kate flashback), and so I took that fact as an excuse to post a picture of Evangeline Lilly. Hi, Kate!

Anyway, contest! This one's good -- we're giving away an NCsoft digital voice recorder (whoah, just like Ben uses to contact Juliet on Lost! It all fits!), a poster, and another one of our ever popular oversized game boxes. To enter, put a comment on this post (and be in the US and 18 or older -- official rules here) and tell us who your favorite Lost character is.

Make sure to comment before 1AM EST, though, because right about then, we'll have another non-Lost related contest. Thanks for visiting Massively!

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