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DisplaySearch forecasts bright future for plasma displays

Steven Kim

DisplaySearch has issued a report that adds to the good outlook for the future of plasma displays. After poring over the numbers and taking a tour of Panasonic's Plasma Display factories, the firm cited motion performance, cost, and "luminous efficacy" among the technology's competitive features. The motion performance is something we've covered before, with the best PDPs besting even the latest LCDs, even if only by a bit. But what got the analysts really excited is the increased luminous efficacy coming to PDPs in the future. Obviously, more brightness per Watt will result in more energy efficient and cooler-running PDPs, but we can also look forward to increased performance in bright settings and better lifetime and reliability. And of, course, more torchy torch modes! Seriously, we hope the report is on target -- more competition is always better for consumers.

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