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Metanomics discussion with Gene Yoon

Tateru Nino

On Monday, 5 November at 11AM SLT (US Pacific), Professor Robert J Bloomfield, JGSM, director of the Business Simulation Lab at Cornell's prestigious Johnson Business School will be discussing Linden Lab's economic policies with Gene Yoon (much better known as Ginsu Linden) in Second Life. Yoon is the Vice President of Business Affairs at Linden Lab and was formerly General Counsel.

The talk is part of the Metanomics series of discussions and talks, focusing on business and policy in the "metaverse" of virtual worlds. The Metanomics audience includes game developers; executives managing real-world and virtual-world businesses; and scholars of business, economics, law and sociology. Residents of Second Life follow the Metanomics series particularly closely, as many events focus on issues arising in Second Life's vibrant business community.

Expect to see questions on monetary supply, land supply, intellectual property, governance and regulation, and Linden Lab's business strategy. As much as is able to be packed into an hour.

Metanomics is also seeking event partners to assist with providing space to avatars who can pick up the stream through

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