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24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 23

So here we are, hour 23 of our swagapolooza in honor of the release of NCsoft's Tabula Rasa and of course, the launch of Massively! As the comments have continued on this evening, many of you have been admitting you're on the verge of falling asleep at the keys. I applaud you for hanging in here as long as you have!

That said, the question is now this: have enough fallen into the soft, warm arms of sleep? Or are you one of the ones who (like me) armed yourself with high-octane caffeine and are staying up until the very end? Will there be very few comments and thus a better chance of picking up this hour's prize -- your very own copy of the Tabula Rasa game or a fantastic poster? Or will the (18-and-up US only, official rules following) morning crew getting ready for work pounce on the comments and make off with the goodies?

Only time will tell.

Well, okay... time, and our random number generator. Those will tell.

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