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Have you been neglecting your alts?

John Himes

When I first heard about the leveling improvements that are forthcoming with patch 2.3, I was very happy. As an admitted alt-o-holic, creating and leveling alts is the main thing that's kept me interested in WoW for the past three years. When the last expansion came out, I had five level sixty characters, with one more nearly there, and I've been diligently leveling them up to seventy since then. My ultimate goal is to level up one of each class at some point and I'm only three more characters away from success. The next patch will definitely help push my Shaman, Mage and Priest up through the ranks.

When the long wait times for character copies subsided, I transfered my level forty shaman to the test realm in order to check out the improved experience gains. The good news is that the change was certainly noticeable. While I don't have any hard data, with full rested experience, I was able to gain about three levels in just a few hours while doing quests that were mostly green to me. The bad news is that I've been spoiled by the new experience rate and have been unable to continue leveling my alts on the live server.

Have you experienced anything similar? Are your alts being neglected until 2.3 comes out?

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