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Martinet: SMB3 to hit Virtual Console tomorrow

Kyle Orland

While we usually have to wait until Monday to find out the week's new Virtual Console releases, the folks over at GoNintendo got a special late night news tip treat from none other than Charles "voice of Mario" Martinet. In a voice mail, Martinet confirms that Super Mario Bros. 3 will be available on the Virtual Console tomorrow, along with the Genesis' Alien Soldier and the TurboGrafx-16's Power Golf (a.k.a. two filler games that no one cares about when placed next to freakin' Mario 3).

One of the best-selling and best-received games of all time, the Virtual Console release marks the fourth official version of the game, including 1993's Super Mario All-Stars and 2003's Super Mario Advance 4 (and don't forget the awesomely unofficial hack, Mario Adventure). Will you be buying yet another copy, or just using this excuse to crack out a classic version?

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