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Tourist guide to Second Life

Eloise Pasteur

Second Life isn't all doom, gloom and financial wheeler-dealers. Neither, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe is it all sex, sex, sex. In fairness, all of these things and more can be found in Second Life, just like in Real Life, it just depends on what you go looking for. But, first arriving in Second Life can leave you facing a bewildering array of choices of places to go and things to do.

That's where SL Trip Tips might just help you. The site contains descriptions and pictures of many, many places in SL to go and visit, initially with just a name, a SLURL and a picture, but if you click "read more" you get a longer description from someone who has been there. (In case you're not sure a SLURL is a link that will take you straight to the location in Second Life if you have an account, or will prompt you to get an account otherwise). Of course this is relying on someone else's taste, but as you get used to what SL has to offer, you will learn how to search for the places that you really want yourself - and you'll probably come back to this site to see what else is cool.

[Via Prim Perfect]

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