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The Daily Grind: WRUP?

Mike Schramm

Our good friends over at Xbox 360 Fanboy have an awesome weekly feature that we're planning to steal from them for Massively. It's called WRUP, which stands, in a cool, acronymic way, for "What are you playing?," and it's just a weekly question of what their readers (and soon, you readers) are putting their game time into each week.

It'll probably officially start up this coming Thursday or Friday, but for this Sunday morning Daily Grind discussion, I'll kick it off-- what are you going to be playing this week in terms of MMOs? Me, I've been rolling on EVE Online lately-- my (now former) corp just got flooded with war declarations, so I split from them earlier this week, and I plan to use the newfound peace and quiet to get some good mining and skill training done. I was also thinking of jumping into Hellgate: London, but the reviews haven't been as great as I'd hoped, so I may just fall back on WoW and try pushing my 68 rogue the final stretch to 70.

What are you playing this week, and what goals in those games are you aiming for?

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