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Guild bank prices lower, still ain't cheap

Mike Schramm

As Amanda reported on Sunday, there's good news for people planning to start up guild banks (especially those of you planning to roll your own for the extra space)-- they're going to be cheaper. The prices have been lowered on the PTR, and here are the new prices for each guild bank slot you buy.

Tab 1: 100 Gold
Tab 2: 250 Gold
Tab 3: 500 Gold
Tab 4: 1000 Gold
Tab 5: 2500 Gold
Tab 6: 5000 Gold

So yes, you counted right, 9350 gold for the entire set of 588 bank slots-- six times 98 slots per tab. That's a lot of storage, and all it'll cost your guild is... almost two epic riding skills. Maybe you better start taxing your guild right now. Still cheaper than it was before (the last two tabs have been cut in half-- used to be 5000g and 10,000g), but it's still a nice chunk of change. Start saving now.

[ via incgamers ]

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