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iPhone international: Apple schedules iPhone workshop in Canada; O2 scraps limited-unlimited data

Ryan Block, @ryan

Now why, dear readers, would the Apple store at the Eaton Centre in Ontario, Canada, be hosting an iPhone workshop? Could it be that the iPhone is headed to colder climes in time enough for the holidays? Or is it just a simple mistake? Judge for yourself. We just hope this little mishap doesn't get that Eaton Centre Apple events coordinator fired.

Oh, and that not-so-"unlimited" data the iPhone was getting in the UK on O2? Turns out that apparently the carrier's reversed its decision to cap iPhone users' data at a mere 100-200MB, apparently stating, "There is no limit on the monthly network usage. However if we feel that your activities are so excessive that other customers are detrimentally affected, we may give you a written warning (by email or otherwise)." We're not really sure what the fuss is about, O2's rolling out a legacy EDGE network specifically for the use of iPhone users, why fuss over a device that can't be (easily) tethered to a laptop and has slow-ass EDGE data and quick WiFi?

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