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Massively's massive giveaways - CoX, redux

We remember the first time we landed in City of Heroes, sometime back in 2004. After years of haunting our respective local comic book stores and following our favorite comic book characters, the time had come... We were going to get a chance to create and play our own superheroes!

Of course, most of us then spent the next five hours playing with character customization options. Best. Mini-game. Ever.

But to get back to the point -- for this giveaway, we're offering a 60-day CoX gamecard or a very cool CoX banner for two lucky random winners who answer the following question.

Who was the comic book hero that inspired you when you were younger? Do you still have one that is your favorite? Tell us in the comments by 6:00 PM EDT tomorrow, and you could walk away with some NCsoft goodies!

I keep thinking I'll jump in game and create Official Rules Man, with a battle cry of "18 and up, US residents only!" but that's probably right out. I mean, what kind of powerset would that guy have? Sleep?

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