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More of Rock Band's bonus tracks unveiled

Dan Dormer

We already knew 45 out of Rock Band's 58 tracks, but a keen pair of eyes uncovered seven more previously unannounced songs in 1UP's video preview (also part of last Friday's 1UP show). Whoops! However, this isn't a flagrant foul or some intentional penalty, but most likely just an oversight that ends up benefiting us -- the gamers!

The song list shows up at 1:27, and shows the songs categorized by difficulty. Here's the seven "new to us" tracks, which brings the number of known songs up to 52:

The Konks' "29 Fingers"
Vagiant's "Seven"

Solid Songs
Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick"
The Mother Hips' "Time We Had"

Moderate Songs
Anarchy Club's "Blood Doll"
The Acro-Brat's "Day Late, Dollar Short"
Crooked X's "Nightmare"

So, want to let us know the last six, Harmonix? We'll be your best friends in the whole wide world -- promise!

EDIT: Another Joystiq reader tipped us off to a blog posting by the band Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives stating their song, "I Get By," is in Rock Band. Only five left now!

[Thanks, Brian and Andy]

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