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Real recipes inspired by WoW

David Bowers

Ever since Matthew tipped us off to the gem that is The Bronze Kettle, I've been reading everything in this husband-and-wife team blog, quite interested to see what they think and what they do. At first, when I read through their posts and saw some recipes, I thought to myself "Okay so... this is a WoW, and cooking blog? That's interesting..."

Now, maybe I'm oblivious, but it wasn't till today, when they published a Dragonbreath Chili recipe that I realized they were cooking up a storm based on the recipes we find in the game itself! So far they've got the Chili I used to have a lot of fun with when I was level 40 or so, as well as Soft Banana Bread, Mudder's Milk, and Blessed Sunfruit Juice! I can't help but wonder if they'll ever pull off some of the more... "original" WoW recipe ideas (such as Gooey Spider Cake -- yuck!).

Now, I can cook up my quick vegetarian meals, but when I see things like "Cook over medium heat for 1 hour" I get scared away, even though I rationally realize it shouldn't really be all that intimidating. That makes me all the more impressed when I see this couple finesse these recipes right out of the game and into real life! It fits right alongside cakes and dolls, as well as machinima and all other forms of WoW-inspired art!

Who among you has the skills to try out these recipes and tell us how they taste?

Update: Shelbi from the Bronze Kettle tells us that she was inspired by WoW Ladies making their very own Westfall Stew (which we've actually covered before)! I'm glad the Bronze Kettle is continuing such a neat idea.

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