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Sarcastic Gamer takes on Jack Thompson


This isn't specifically 360 related, but it's an issue that strikes at the heart of all gamers. Or, rather, it's a person that strikes at the heart of all gamers: Jack Thompson. Our friends at Sarcastic Gamer (see Fancast 034) have taken it upon themselves to create a parody song about none other that our old buddy, John Bruce Thompson. The song is based on the Plain White T's hit, "Hey There Delilah" and, as you might expect, is hilarious. We've got the first minute of the song right here:

"Hey Mr. Thompson"
If you like what you hear, you can listen to the rest in the latest episode of the Sarcastic Gamer podcast (the song is about 35 seconds in). If you really like what you hear, we suggest you get to work making a music video, as the song is just begging for one.

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