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Shaman forums shocked by interrupt changes

Matthew Rossi

The official site Shaman forums are revolting. No, I mean they're up in arms over the changes to interrupt in 2.3, specifically diminishing returns and how it's going to affect Earth Shock. The protest seems to be taking the form of a series of posts consisting entirely of a period. (The idea being that Blizzard doesn't listen to shamans anyway, I suppose.)

Now, I agree that putting Earth Shock's interrupt on a diminishing return mechanic, considering that it already locks down a shaman's casting time longer than it does the people you interrupt with it (1 second lockdown on the affected spell of magic vs 1.5 second global cooldown) is a nerf for all shamans. But since it's just in PvP, where all sorts of other mechanics have been reduced or lowered in effectiveness - just ask a mage about hypothermia sometime - I don't think it's really worth all this uproar. While interrupts will be much less effective against others, so will CC of all kind, the shaman's absolute bane.

In the end I expect this to balance out. What do you think? Are the protesters storming the barricades in the shaman forums on the money or is this just a case of that last straw falling on the camel's back?

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