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Tetris L-block wins GameFAQs character battle

Ross Miller

Out of 128 video game characters entered into this year's GameFAQs Character Battle, the one to come out on top and conquer the rest is nothing more than four boxes glued to one another. The L-block of Tetris fame has been crowned winner of the tournament, personally defeating Kirby, Laharl (Disgaea), Nathan Hale (Resistance: Fall of Man), Kratos, Solid Snake, Cloud and Link in the process. The green-clad Hyrulian from Legend of Zelda series came in second place.

Outside of Imaginationland, the human winner of Character Battle VI is Joystiq reader Samiam779 (full disclosure: he's also a real-life friend of this writer and, yes, there's an extra '7' in his GameFAQs screen name), who told us he plans to donate his prize money, a $400 online gift certificate, to Child's Play charity.

The current poll, which is unrelated to the Character Battle, pits L-block against the Pong paddle, the Weighted Companion Cube and a '? block. As of this writing, our tetromino protagonist is still in the lead.

[Video credit: Mega64]

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