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Winners of the Hallow's End Costume contest

Mike Schramm

Micah T sent us this picture of Indiana Jane, which actually won him the costume contest he attended over on Ravenholdt. And Jane (and her fear of snakes) has beguiled the WoW Insider staff as well-- Micah is our ingame costume contest winner, and gets all the trick-or-treat loot from Manaprincess (who also kindly did a little co-judging for our contest). Congrats, Micah, and great costume.

But while the prizes may end there, the recognition does not, because holy moly we got a lot of great entries. I was expecting just a few, but you readers are some creative geniuses. Everything from superheroes to sushi chefs are after the break. Honorable mentions are all after the break, and every single one of them rocks-- I wish we had prizes to give you all.

Update: Have a gallery! Even if you've already browsed through the thread, our gallery has all the fullsize shots, so check that out too, yo.

Gallery: Hallow's End Costume Contest | 24 Photos

Honorable Mentions

Fairy princess Tauren of DOOM by Akuma S. (our staff definitely has something for Taurens in dresses)

Spiderman by MW (click the pic for a hilarious pose)

Starscream by Jaime G

Succubus by Crystal C

Thrall by Dylan S.

Cavewoman by Tim C

Witch and Pumpkinhead by Kevin G

Jack-o-Tauren by Mark M

Ette the witch by Monica K

Attack of the Gnomes (this party is all Horde) by Josh C

Witch by Marina K

Sushi Chef Carleigh by Wendy M (click for full)

Grim Reaper Tauren by Phillip H

Pheonix by Nina T

Glassjaw and Serak dressed up for Halloween by Leang L.

Cabasa ready for Halloween by John G

Celeena in costume by Celina W. (we couldn't figure out what this one was, but one of our staff guessed it was Burt Reynolds-- I can see that)

Gnome convict in Stockades by Michael W

Catwoman by Anna G

Inquisitor Whitemane (and the ghost of) by Dana W

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