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2.3 next week, according to WoW Taiwan

Eliah Hecht

Well, that's sooner than expected. The official World of Warcraft website for Taiwan is announcing, as far as I can tell via Google Translate, that patch 2.3 is going to be released on the 15th in Taiwan. Presumably, that would mean it's coming out on the 13th in North America -- that's a week from today. This is what Google comes up with:

"World of Warcraft" in Taiwan for the forthcoming age! To celebrate the "World of Warcraft" operating in Taiwan for two years, Blizzard Entertainment specially for Taiwan players in the game are now held in the colorful "????Festival." People expect 2.3 version also will be November 15 (4) maintenance and Taiwan after the players met, "World of Warcraft" dual program installation package tomorrow (7), the province's convenience store channel synchronous devices.

If anyone reads Chinese, could you head over to the site and see if it is, indeed, predicting the patch in merely a week? Edit: The mysterious M below confirms that the site says the patch is coming out on the 15th in Taiwan. Woot! Edit 2: confirmed. Also, what's that festival about? Party time!

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[via Blizzplanet]

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