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City of Heroes, City of Villains IPs sold to NCSoft


Independent developer Cryptic Studios has announced the sale of its intellectual and proprietary rights to super-powered MMO duo, City of Heroes and City of Villains. NCSoft, having acted as publisher for both franchises, will be taking ownership and will further license Cryptic's technology for future games. If all goes according to plan, both parties hope to make the transition invisible to currently playing saviors and psychopaths.

In a separate FAQ, Cryptic notes that this sale of two cities was prompted by the studio's desire for "complete creative freedom" and resources to delve into new titles and worlds. No changes to existing accounts are foreseen, as Cryptic believes the franchise is "in good hands at NCSoft." In fact, many of the same hands will still be involved, with NCSoft offering Cryptic members employment and forming a team dedicated to providing new content for each title. Seemingly content with what it accomplished with City of Heroes and City of Villains, Cryptic likely made a wise decision by letting NCSoft maintain the game while it explores new territory. Bring on City of Morally Ambiguous Freaks, None of Whom Resemble Marvel Characters (Especially Not Wolverine)!

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