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Guildwatch: A thing of beauty

Mike Schramm

There is nothing like a good internet forum argument. It's like an echo chamber-- the people involved just go back and forth, insinuation after insinuation is made, subjects change completely, and there's so, so much typing and nothing gets resolved. It's beautiful in its own way, really-- and that's why we love drama so much here at Guildwatch.

We've got downed and recruiting news after the break, too, and don't forget to send us your tips: We promise to be anonymous, so the juicier the better-- send us the best news you got!


  • The biggest bit of Drama Shattered Halls has ever seen: it all started when Fatcow posted a recruitment thread for a guild called Musa, and then the drama bomb named Malcin lands on the thread in page 2. More here, too. I couldn't quite follow all of Malcin's drama-- apparently Musa and a guild called Waste of Epix merged into a guild called Plan B, but Fatcow didn't like that, or Fatcow did, or Fatcow broke up a bunch of other guilds on the server. Not quite sure what the whole story is, but Malcin is a marvel to watch-- he pulls out all the stops: fisking, definitions, even a Wikipedia link, to keep the drama rolling.
  • In memoriam: Mesmerize of Hawks Reborn passed away at the young age of 18 a month ago. Sorry to hear it. RIP.
  • We're hearing bad stuff about the Alliance side on Twisting Nether in terms of raiding-- not only is the server population falling, but the top end guilds are migrating away to other servers, leaving the leftover guildies without great DPS to get things done with. Our tipster says it's basically a training ground server-- get up to Karazhan on TN, and then get recruited to another server.
  • Last week, we asked what you were up to as a guild for Halloween, and Just a Concerned Citizen (Jacc for short) on Sha'tar ended up having a Halloween ball, complete with storytelling by a gnome from another guild. Check the pic above.
  • More forum drama from The Rainmakers on Kirin Tor. "I'd like to see more than the first 25 feet of SSC. It looks really cool!"
  • Southern Wardens on Proudmoore have "convincingly" downed Gruul foir the first time. Because that's all you need to do, really-- as long as Gruul thinks he's down and gives you the loot, you can go on your way.
  • Iron Edge on Dunemaul-H killed Illidan, and they did it under the leadership of Duum, their level 1 guildleader (that makes them a Duumvirate, I'm told). Now that they've killed the demon hunter, Hogger's on notice!
  • Arisen on Echo Isles-H has cleared Karazhan. Gruul is on notice!
  • Pentaverate on EU Dragonblight-A has formed out of a guild merge, and things are going swimmingly- they've downed Hydross and Leotheras, and well on their way to Hyjal.
  • Soulbound on Norgannon downed Hydross. Grats!
  • Blood of Vengeance, also on Norgannon-H, downed Reliquary of Souls, setting them two bosses ahead of Way of the Warrior on a faction vs. faction race to Illidan.
  • Legion of the Eternals on Malfurion-A dropped Illhoof, and "Netherspite is next, and he knows it!"
  • Modus Operandi has dropped Tidewalker on Sentinels-A. Grats!
  • Keine Nuen on MalGanis-H downed Vashj, and they even took video to prove it.
  • Reflection of Perfection on EU Quel'Thelas-A finished off Gruul. Nice job.
  • Big night of progression on Dath'remar-A: Demise downed Kael'thas and Rage Winterchill for an Ally first (and they're recruiting too), Novus Orsa downed Kael, and SOS downed Vashj. Grats to all.
  • Consilio et Armis (I don't know what it means, but I like the sound of it, so Best Guild Name goes to them this week) on Rexxar-A dropped Magtheridon like a hot potato.
  • Relentless on Scryers-A killed Prince for a guild first. Netherspite is on notice.
  • The Departed on Kul'Tiras killed Kael for a server first Alliance kill. Very nice.
  • Divinorum on Gorefiend-A tore up Karazhan-- they dropped everyone from Attunment to Shade, and a good number of the raid had never been in the place.
  • Symbiosis of Stormreaver-A has dropped Hydross and Mag. Al'ar is on notice!
  • RAW on EU Aszune crushed both Leo and Karathress. Morogrim is next, and we hear he's scared and already crying for mama.
  • Mystic Halcyon on Anvilmar-A just recently broke off from another guild due to drama, and now they're recruiting to get back into Karazhan and beyond. Healers and DPS preferred, please be ready for Kara.
  • Moonglade Mountain on Muradin is a smaller casual guild trying to get a few good players together for endgame raiding.
  • Forged Alliance on Destromath-A recently downed HKM, and are looking for a Resto Druid and Shaman and two Shadow Priests to come raid Gruul with them.
  • Core of Insight on EU Shadowsong is recruiting awesome players of all classes to head for the Sunwell. They're already farming the Black Temple weekly, but they are apparently considering non-attuned players, too. This could be your ticket to see Illidan!
  • Knights of the Dawn on Kul Tiras-A is seeking mature, committed 70s to head into SSC and TK.
  • Lords of War on Lightbringer-A is now recruiting to fill out a second Karazhan group. They've finished off Prince the last two weeks in a row, and are headed for a full-on Gruul raid.
  • Deltaflux on Shattered Hand is looking for new members.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week (when we'll have 2.3, apparently-- woot!), happy raiding!

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