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Warhammer: We're not trying to "kick WoW's arse," we swear

Mike Schramm

Computer and Video Games supposedly has an interview coming up with Warhammer Online's project manager Attaba Rahim (although we haven't actually seen it on their site yet-- man it's a pain to navigate around), but until it gets posted, they have an interesting quote from him. Apparently, WAR isn't planning to try and put the smackdown on WoW.

It's probably not true-- this is the old, old PR tactic of saying your competitor doesn't matter to you before release. That way, if your game does beat them, you can say it was "a nice surprise," and if it doesn't, no one throws your words back at you. Still, whether you believe him or not, Rahim says that EA Mythic would rather "deliver the best MMO ever" than "kick WoW's arse." Rahim also calls WAR an evolution rather than a revolution-- "players want something different but with some familiar elements."

I've played an early build of Warhammer (and our own Barb Dybwad played the latest version), and I have to admit that if anyone can "kick WoW's arse" (whether Mythic actually wants to or not), they're definitely in a good position to do it. Of course, they have to actually get the game done first. If you see the rest of the interview at CVG, let us know and we'll update the post here.

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