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Jumpgate: Evolution takes to the unfriendly stars

Mike Schramm

Reader Excelsior dropped us a note about an MMO we haven't yet covered that he says is one to watch-- Jumpgate: Evolution is an upcoming MMO from NetDevil, the makers of Auto Assault, and also an "in the works" LEGO MMO. The game is actually an update of the original Jumpgate, also by NetDevil, which purports to be not an MMORPG, but a massively multiplayer space flight and combat simulator, where twitch is just as important as stats. All we've got are screens so far, but they are pretty good-looking, so if you're in the mood for a little hands-on spaceship flying in an MMO universe, Jumpgate: Evolution might be right up your warp route.

They're still taking beta signups on the website, so get your email in now-- as Excelsior says, "the more players in the game, the better." And if you've got a pet MMO you've been watching that you'd like us to keep an eye on, make sure to throw a tip in our inbox. You find 'em, we follow 'em.\

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