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Kaz Hirai 'not satisfied' with current version of Home

1UP got their mitts on the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly, in which they interviewed Sony's man with the plan, Kaz Hirai. Since we don't have our copy handy just now and our Japanese translator is out sick with a terrible case of invisibility, we'll just have to settle for 1UP's highlight reel, notable for some particularly refreshing bouts of candor from PlayStation's top dog.

When asked about the delay of Home announced at the Tokyo Game Show, Kaz responds, "I personally am not satisfied with the current version of Home. This is a very big project for the PS3 and we want to make sure that we deliver to our hearts content." It should come as no surprise that Kaz isn't happy with where Home's at; otherwise, they wouldn't have made the hard decision to push it back past the holidays.

Also covered is the 40GB model and its absence of backwards compatibility, PS3 price drops, Monster Hunter III, the sale of the Cell processor manufacturing facilities, and the company's plans for the holiday. Most interesting is Kaz's response to the last question: "Returning to Japan, I have done my best in the given limited amount of time. Not everything I envision has turned out 100% but we as a company have worked together towards our goals." How's that for candor?

[Via GameDaily]

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