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Kristen Bell gets digitized for Assassin's Creed

Dan Dormer

We'll admit it -- we're fans of Ms. Bell, from the spunky, spitfire junior private eye she played in Veronica Mars to the unseen, but ever present blogger in Gossip Girl, and even the lead in the god-awful Pulse. So, naturally, when she let it slip last December that she was contributing to Assassin's Creed, our hype meter exploded under the pressure.

Now, giving us a little taste, Ubisoft released the first image of what Kristen Bell looks like in the game. Despite a less than flattering hair style, the actual rendering looks extremely similar. Speaking about Kristen Bell, producer Jade Raymond stated she "is a remarkable actress who was able to bring her character to life in a dynamic way that I don't think anyone else could have done properly." We'd still prefer some QT with the less creepy Bell any day of the week, though.

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