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Microsoft promotes parental oversight in gaming with Jerry Rice, PTA

Dan Dormer

Along with the Xbox 360 family timer announced today, Microsoft has kicked off the second year of their "Safety is no game. Is your family set?" campaign. They're also releasing PACT, a contract being distributed to Parent Teacher Association members nationwide. PACT is an abbreviation that isn't so brief: "Parental involvement; the amount of Access children can have, including who they are allowed to play and interact with online; the types of Content children are allowed to play or watch; and the amount of Time children can use media." Spare a thought to the parents yelling "Turn that damn thing off, Dan!"

Joining Microsoft in this crusade are two allies, one likely, the other not so much. The PTA and Jerry Rice lent their support to Microsoft's "Safety ... Set?" campaign, all lauding praise on one another at Stuart-Hobson Middle School in Washington, D.C., today. Rice stated "it's so rewarding to join Microsoft and the PTA today to promote a healthy balance for our kids in this exciting digital age." Oh, get a room.

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