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PTR Notes: Hypothermia reduced, weapon racials changed

Eliah Hecht

In what must surely be the final build of the patch 2.3 PTR, which was pushed last night, few changes seem to have been made. Which makes sense, because they're only going to have a week to test it. As far as the good folks at World of Raids can make out, here's the list of changes in the latest build:

  • [Mage] Hypothermia changed from 45s back to 30s.
  • Human and Orc weapon racials changed from 1% crit to 5 expertise.
Expertise is a new weapon stat that reduces your opponents' chance to dodge or parry your attacks; 5 expertise grants 1.25% dodge/parry reduction. Expertise has replaced weapon skill elsewhere in the game (except on ranged weapons, which get +crit/+hit instead), so it makes sense to see it here, as these racials were in the form of weapon skill pre-2.3. And I assume the Hypothermia de-nerf can only be seen as a good thing. I've seen some quite upset mages around, and indeed, 30s already seemed perfectly long enough to me.

Since there were no updated patch notes for this build, it's always possible that there are additional changes that no-body's noticed yet. If so, please feel free to post them in the comments and I'll update the post.

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