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Reminder: Guitar Hero on South Park tonight

Kyle Orland

If you were too busy playing Guitar Hero in your underwear on Monday, you may have missed the announcement that tonight's episode of South Park will feature the rhythm game prominently in the storyline. For those of you who just can't wait those last few hours, a Comedy Central press release reveals some more details about the impending rift between Stan and Kyle, and a short video preview shows the pair looking like total goobers while trying to look cool playing the game.

In fact, the false cockiness brought on by Guitar Hero was a major motivation for the production team. On his South Park Studios Production blog, Production Assistant Mike McMahan asks us to imagine "some jerk trying to impress the ladies with his badass skills banging out Coldplay as hard as he can." By playing Guitar Hero, McMahan says, "We're even worse than that loser, because we're pretending to be him, all the while tapping our feet and clicking our fingers with the same proud idiocy that the real-life jerk performs with." On behalf of all those proud idiots, we have just one thing to say to that ... Ouch!

We'll be liveblogging the episode right here on this very site, so come back here around 10 PM EST if you'd like some nerdy game discussion with your animated prime time TV.

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