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Role in Fable 2 up for auction through Child's Play


Admit it, somewhere deep inside you is a long unsatisfied yearning. In the deepest untouched regions of your psyche is the desire to become immortalized in a video game ... as a non-player character. Now, thanks to the fine blokes (and lasses) of Lionhead, you're dream can come true. At least, it can come true if you've got the scratch. The company has decided to auction off naming rights for five NPC characters in Fable 2. It's all being done for the Child's Play dinner auction, so the proceeds will benefit the charity, which donates toys and supplies to children's hospitals around the world. So, if you fancy yourself as a farmer, shopkeeper, important villager, monk, or quest character, start saving up -- the auction takes place on December 11.

Lionhead is also offering up some other goodies, including a pair of underwear signed by Peter Molyneux (we would never take them off, Peter). Hit the "read" link for the full list of items being donated by Lionhead. This is also probably a good time to tell you that you can head over to the Child's Play website if you're interested in donating directly.

Finally, a word of warning. The folks at Lionhead are of the cheeky sort. It's quite possible that one of the NPCs being auctioned is this one. Make sure you read the fine print.

[Via Joystiq]

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