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Signature Black & White Diamonds: Vertu's latest shiny mess

Chris Ziegler

Okay, Vertu, we get it, neither you nor your customers give a flip about staying even remotely up on technology. If you did, you'd stop selling the Signature, a model that's been kicking around since the company itself. Anyway, for the technologically illiterate fashionista with absolutely, positively nothing better to do with that aluminum briefcase full of unmarked, non-sequential $100's, Vertu presents the "Black & White Diamonds" version of the same old Signature candybar featuring 644 white diamonds paired with 428 of the black variety. Personally, we'd gladly lose a couple hundred of those diamonds in exchange for even just a quadband radio, EDGE data, and a 2 megapixel camera -- but then again, if you're the celebrity, what do you need a cam in your phone for?

[Thanks, JW]

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