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Take-Two hesitant to pin down GTA IV release date


We wish we had large friendly letters in our font arsenal that said "Don't Panic," but we don't. Gamers (and many publishers) took relief in knowing Grand Theft Auto IV was delayed and not entering this already over-stuffed holiday game release schedule. Although now, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick is saying that they aren't committing to a release date until they're "utterly convinced" the game is ready.

If Take-Two were Valve or Blizzard we wouldn't even take notice of this, but for the previously fiscally fallible Take-Two to go from a launch window of February to April '08 to this waffling statement makes us raise one eyebrow. Don't get us wrong, we want the game to be "done" before they send it out the door, but GTA IV should have been "done" months ago and this isn't really par for the course with Take-Two. Who knows, maybe things have really changed over there? All we can say is we've lost a launch window and that's enough to make us wonder what's really going on.

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