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EA's 360 revenue trumps all other consoles combined


Gamasutra has revealed the financial numbers for Electronic Arts' fiscal quarter ending September 20, 2007, and things are looking good for the company's relationship with the Xbox 360. Electronic Arts went to the trouble of breaking down its revenue by platform, and the results are quite illuminating. Overall, software sales pulled in $435 million dollars. That's not the interesting part though. What is interesting is that the Xbox 360 pulled in $218 million by itself, leaving $217 million for the remaining consoles combined. Yes, EA made more money on the Xbox 360 than the Wii, PS3, PSP, DS, and PS2 together. Granted, it's a tiny margin, but we're sure garnering just over half of its earnings from one console has to make EA take notice. The complete breakdown is as follows:

  • Xbox 360: $218 million (an increase of $52 million over the same period last year)
  • PlayStation 2: $73 million (a drop of $196 million compared to the previous year)
  • Wii: $59 million
  • DS: $47 million (up by $33 million)
  • PSP: $21 million (down by $43 million)
  • PlayStation 3: $17 million
The proof is in the pudding, kids. Delicious, money flavored pudding.

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