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Metareview: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)


Super Mario Galaxy might not be out until next week but all the reviews are pretty much in. It's a hit with the critics! According to almost every review it is the game Wii owners have been waiting for (but please don't forget about Zack and Wiki, if only for the sake of third-party support). Galaxy is apparently the evolution of the platformer and Wii owners will only need to wait a little bit longer -- unless they get lucky.
  • Game Informer (98/100): "Galaxy also makes great use of the Wii's motion-sensing controls. While Mario's general movement is handled beautifully on the nunchuk's analog stick, many feats require a shake of the remote or a steady pointing hand. If you have a second Wii remote, you can also experience one of the coolest and most inventive non-traditional co-op modes in any game. The second player doesn't control a character, but rather a star. This player can pick up collectible items, and can also freeze enemies or projectiles in their tracks, which can be a great aid."
  • GameSpot (95/100): "You could probably swap in just about any other characters from practically any other franchise, and this would still be a phenomenally fun game. That it layers all these memorable characters and components on top of that phenomenal design just makes it all the sweeter. If ever there were a must-own Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy is it."
  • 1UP (95/100): "Galaxy is one of the most impressive, engrossing games in recent memory -- and quite the contrast to the rest of this year's triple-A gaming crop, which tends toward the dark, the M-rated, and the first-person perspective. Gaming may be growing up (per se), but gamers will always appreciate beautifully polished gameplay and inventive design...even if it's sugarcoated with squeaky baby stars and a goofy cartoon of a hero. Galaxy proves that Mario matters just as much today as he did 25 years ago, and that makes him one of a kind in this medium. But don't play Galaxy simply because Mario is the timeless godfather of gaming. No, play Galaxy because it's fantastic.."

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