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Mrrrrgllhllrrll in real life


Okay, it probably grosses less at the theater than "Dan in Real Life", but this picture, sent to WendellGrave by one of his guildies, definitely looks like a real-life murloc. Our own Arturis suggests that this is a sculpture made from a fish body, but I think we can all agree that whatever it is, it's really quite ugly.

No word on why this was created, but it does remind me of the Fiji Mermaid. The Fiji Mermaid is a popular attraction at carnival freak shows. It's a "mermaid" usually made from papier-mache and fish parts, with a dash of monkey thrown in. For those of you disappointed in this fakery, I present an indisputable real-life tauren, as well as the warlock epic mount in its natural habitat of the Ford Mustang.

Is this an accurate murloc or not? What do you think it's made from?

[Thanks, WendellGrave!]

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