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Petroglyph has a console MMO in the pipes

Chris Chester

Is it just us or is the MMO replacing the FPS as the ubiquitous genre du jour for developers still looking to find their niche. Why do we ask? Well it looks like Petroglyph Games, the Las Vegas-based team behind Star Wars: Empire at War and more recently Universe at War, are in the process of building up their team for an as-yet-unannounced MMO. The kicker? The listing for MMO Game Designer specifically refers to the new game as a "console project." Whatever your opinions on console MMOs are, it looks like a new one is on its way.

Of course, all this leaves us with is delicious, delicious speculation. The team's credits are heavily focused in the PC RTS genre, which doesn't (at least as we see it) have terribly much cross-over with a console MMO. It's also interesting to consider that Universe at War, which comes out in February of next year, is being released on the Xbox 360 in addition to the PC. Given the way console development works, it's more than likely that they'll use their new-found familiarity with the 360 platform to aid in the creation of the new property, and develop it with Microsoft's console in mind.

Don't say we didn't tell you so!

[Via VE3D]

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