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Take-Two settles Hot Coffee lawsuits; $35 for the "offended and upset"

Freshly brewed news, straight out of Take-Two's corporate maw: the mega-publisher, parent company of Rockstar Games, has announced the settlement of all consumer class action lawsuits pending in the United States" related to the infamous GTA: San Andreas "Hot Coffee" mod. Take-Two has committed at least $1.025 million on the settlement, and their costs are capped at no more than $2.75 million.

In short, if you swear that you bought a copy of GTA: SA before July 20, '05, further swear that you were "offended and upset" by the existence of the Hot Coffee mod, further further swear that you wouldn't have bought the game if you did know about it, and further further further swear that you would have returned that vile piece of entertainment software if you "thought this possible," you may be entitled to exchange your icky disc for a brand new, shiny disc devoid of any such hot beverage action.

Not interested in a new disc? You want to know, "how ta get paid"? Well, if you submit detailed proofs of purchase, you may be entitled to a $35 cash payment which you can put towards that $90 GTA IV collector's edition (whenever that comes out).

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