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The Bourne Ultimatum DVD / HD DVD combo disc landing on December 11th

Darren Murph

Let's face it: there's a high probability that you (or someone you know) will be frantically searching for a stocking stuffer at the last minute next month, so it's mighty convenient that Universal Studios is unleashing The Bourne Ultimatum a fortnight before Christmas. The DVD / HD DVD combo disc will include a number of deleted scenes, feature commentary with director Paul Greengrass / actor Matt Damon and several bonus clips titled Man on the Move, New York Chase, Planning the Punches, Rooftop Pursuit and Driving School. Oh, and just in case you're too big a fan to only drop $39.98 (MSRP) on this, you can opt for the four-disc "The Jason Bourne Collection" -- which we can only assume will also be released on HD DVD at this point -- when it lands in a snazzy "safe deposit box" package with a Jason Bourne passport (huzzah!).

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